10 Signs Your Child May Be Watching Too Much Peppa Pig!

The Boy has been in a Peppa Pig phase for a while, and I have to say, it’s a pretty good show, as far as kids shows go. I have actually found myself laughing on many occasions at the crazy hi-jinx of Peppa & her zany family, rather than wanting to stab out my own eyes, the way I do when I have to suffer through an episode of Olivia or Max & Ruby.  At least this pig lives with her parents.

peppa2However, I do think The Boy might have watched just one too many episodes of Peppa this summer, and may be on the verge of a Peppa Overload!

Here are some signs your child may be watching too much Peppa Pig:

  1. They call you “mummy” instead of “mommy.”
  2. They pronouce the word “Tomato” like “Toe-Mah-Toe.”  Ex. “Mummy, I don’t care for toe-mah-toes, they just are not my cup of tea.”
  3. They call gas “petrol” & tell you that you need to stop at the petrol station to “fuel up.”
  4. They refer to the shopping cart as a “trolley.”  Ex. “Mummy, may I please push the trolley in the market?”
  5. They start telling friends they need to get in the “queue” instead of wait in “line.”
  6. They begin to use more British phrases like “I’m a wee bit too small for that, mummy.”
  7. Calling a a “zebra” a “zay-brah” Ex. “Mummy, my favorite animal at the zoo is the ZAY-BRAH.”
  8. They request bangers and mash for dinner.  I have no idea what bangers and mash even are, so I had to look it up.  Apparently it’s sausage and mashed potatoes.  I made hotdogs and a baked potato that I mashed up.  His reply, “Mummy, I do fancy this dish!”
  9. They start referring to their friends as “mates.”
  10. They call you a “cheeky mummy.”  I was floored when The Boy actually said this to me.  I had to actually look up the context of cheeky before I knew whether or not to flip out on this kid.  He meant it to be cute, so I let it slide, but suffice it to say, this is when I decided to curb his Peppa intake 🙂

Yes, silly, of course I used all of this Peppa mania as a teachable moment … We had a long talk about the different expressions & pronunciations that the British and the Americans use, although I do think he may be an Anglophile in the making.

Kids Show I Can’t Stand: Max and Ruby

I first caught a glimpse of this ridiculous mess of a show when The Boy was a baby, just before he turned one.  I immediately thought the show was obnoxious and annoying, and vowed to never let The Boy know of its existence.

photo credit: Nick Jr.
photo credit: Nick Jr.

My plan was going well for a little over 2 years, and then somehow, someway, The Boy was exposed to this hellacious show.  (I blame The Husband.)  And like trying crack for the first time, The Boy was hooked!  Max and Ruby is a gateway show – next thing you know, he’ll be jonesing for Caillou!

How can I hate a couple of bunny siblings you ask?  Let me tell you:

  1. Max, who is supposed to be three years old, talks like a 20-month old baby, “Frog.  Frog.  Frog.”  He utters one syllable words while his bratty sister tries to decipher what he wants or what he’s talking about.  
  2. Where the hell are their parents during all of their insane escapades?  These 2 rabbits, (ages 3 and 7) apparently live alone & the only authority figure, their oblivious Grandmother, lives clear across town!  Someone seriously needs to call CPS!
  3. Max is a brat & Ruby is a bossy little twit who is more interested in chit chatting on the phone with her best buddy rather than babysitting Max.  And how can you blame her!??!  At age 7, I wouldn’t want to be the sole caretaker for an obnoxious rabbit either.

So we went through a Max and Ruby phase for roughly 2 weeks, which resulted in The Boy speaking like this flipping idiotic rabbit, Max, and me nearly losing my damn mind.

“Milk! Milk! Milk!” Screeched The Boy.  I handed him his milk just to get him to knock it off.  “Blanket, blanket!”

“Use your big boy words to tell me what you want, you know how to talk like a big boy, stop this baby talk.”  I said through gritted teeth.

“No, I’m Max, mama, and you’re Ruby.”  He whined, sad that I wouldn’t play.

I had to have a Max and Ruby intervention & it had to happen immediately.  So, I erased any and all shows that The Husband had dvr’d and promptly informed him that we were never to utter the words “Max” or “Ruby” in my house again.  If The Boy asks, Max and Ruby are dead.  Kidding.  Kind of.

“Max and Ruby! Max and Ruby!” He chanted when I asked him what he wanted to watch the other morning.

“Awa, Max and Ruby show has been cancelled, Boy.” I lied, feigning disappointment.

Parents, beware, these two rabbits are NOT good role models!  Keep your children away from this travesty!