Mommy-brag’s Are OK Sometimes

I love this age … 3 & 1/2.  When I was a nanny & a pre-school teacher for a quick blip on the radar a million years ago, 3 & 4 were my favorite ages because they can communicate with you, their personalities are really starting to emerge, and  they are just beginning to put it all together in their heads.  And … they’re still so innocent.

My Boy is amazing.  He amazes me every day, (when he’s not throwing a tantrum & shaving years off my life.)  I’m sure every parent can say that & that’s wonderful … and that’s the beauty of being a parent.  Being amazed by another human being is rare, and that’s why children are so special.  The things The Boy says astound me.

My favorite is when he – out of the blue – just says, “I love you.”  And looks deep into my eyes when he’s telling me that.  Then he asks me if I’m happy.  Sigh.  Those are the moments that are seared into my memory for the rest of time & beyond this lifetime.  I don’t care how much Alzheimer’s and Dementia I succumb to, I will never forget how it feels to have my sweet Boy telling me that he loves me.

Then, as if that weren’t enough to melt my heart, The Boy announces that I’m his wife.

“You’re my wife” The Boy exclaimed as we were washing our hands post potty-break.

“Awa …I love you so much, but actually, sweetie, I’m your mom, you’re my son & Dada is my husband.”  I corrected.

“No. I’M your husband!!!”  The Boy demanded, looking like he was ready to duel The Husband if need be!

The Boy brought this issue up throughout the day today, randomly proclaiming that I’m his wife.  Each time I corrected him with a giggle & each time he fought me.

I had to acquiesce!  How could I dispute such a passionate claim?  And by the sweetest of 3-Year Olds, no less!?!  And I’m not kidding you … The Boy is a charmer.  He is a negotiator.  He is a stubborn, passionate, obstinate dude.  So, who am I to argue with him over something like this?  No, I finally asked him where we got married.  Hawaii.  Well, the kid is smart if nothing else.  Let me tell you.

And, yes (here comes the brag,) he spells Hawaii at 3 & 1/2, and yes, he can point it out on the map, mm-hmm, (even though all the maps we have put it south-west of the California / Mexico border – which bugs me,) and the best part is that he tells me he can’t wait to go back with me.  Aloha mamas!

Brag about your kid … or yourself.  It’s ok.  It’s good to be proud of being part of something beautiful.