Duck Droppings

I sort of don’t understand all this manufactured uproar … Sort of.   I mean, who cares with this duck dude says?

I have heard of Duck Dynasty , sure – I won’t lie.   Yes, I’ve heard of that show because this is America & you can’t wake up and take a piss without having some commercialized over-processed hype shoved in your face.

Have I watched one moment, one commercial, one spot, one second of this bearded shit brigade? NO.  No, I have not.  (I don’t expect a medal for that proclamation, either.  I just thought I’d point out that I don’t have time to watch idiots doing idiotic shit.)

Thanks a lot, no thanks, but thanks.  I have better things to do than to count the number of lice living in his beard as he espouses bigotry & hatred.  And let’s be honest, the A-Number-One reason I haven’t watched this spectacle is because of the beards, Ok?  I’m being honest.  It grosses me out.  Oh, and I love ducks, so I can’t watch a show that is about hunting ducks.  How cute is this guy?

cute duckling

I would rather watch this duckling waddle around than watch racist bigots with beards

But I digress, I’m not going to judge on physical appearance alone (though I do believe that first impressions make a lasting one – that’s why I want to cuddle this duckling.)  But based on duck dude’s most recent comments that were revealed in an interview with GQ Magazine & heavily quoted in the media, he is a shallow, un-evolved, loveless, intolerant bottom feeder … but hey, that’s just my first impression & only based on very limited exposure to him as a person.

It occurs to me, though, that duck dude is a “personality” on a “reality show” (I put those things in quotes & italics because they are kind of asinine, eye-roll-inducing labels.)  He isn’t a spokesperson for some upstanding corporation that is interested in maintaining an “image” or bettering humanity.   It’s A&E, people.  Arts & Entertainment Channel.

And duck dude falls under the latter category I guess.  There is no “art” in bigotry.  In my opinion (and having been in the entertainment industry for – oh, practically my entire adult life,) A&E was well aware of duck dude’s viewpoints, whether or not they agreed & whether or not they thought his viewpoints aligned with A&E’s.

You think this interview that duck dude conducted with GQ (which was the tipping point in exposing his true feelings to the public at large, apparently,) was done without the knowledge, nay, without the blessing of A&E?  COME ON.  Get real.  They knew.  Hell, they probably set it up!

Did they do it for the publicity?  Maybe.  Or maybe A&E wanted to break up with duck dude, and used this as a springboard for doing so.  And maybe it is just the thing that gets people talking, and becomes the catalyst that gets people to draw a line in the sand, finally.

Are you going to stand on the side of intolerance & judgment – the side that infringes on the rights of another human being to enjoy their existence to the fullest extent on this earth?  The side that spews hate & reasons that it is “God’s Will,”  Or, are you going to step over that shallow little line that some cave-dwelling dolt carved into the sand, and expand your mind into a place where you can accept that someone else’s decisions about who they are going to love have absolutely NO ramifications on any aspect of your existence

Do I agree with the duck dick?  You don’t know by now?  Well, let’s be clear.  No.  Hell, no.  Not only  “no,” But, “HELL NAH.”  But, yeah, he has a right to espouse his stupidity.  Unfortunately it’s on a platform big enough for the world at large to witness.  And, unfortunately, he has just as much of a right to flaunt his lice-ridden-face-bush on the television & wag his hateful tongue as do any of the other reality-tramps touting their wares; selling their duck whistles & their butt-shaper shoes.

Do you have a right to turn the channel if he grosses you out with his weird beard & blatant bigotry?  YES.  Do you have a right to wave your fist in the air if you find yourself agreeing with his employment of lice as they take up residence in his facial hair?  YES.  Do you have a right to make your own show, (“The Red Robin Regime: Riot Against Racism!”)  YES,  Yes, you do, so do it!   Does A&E have a right to employ the duck dude regardless of  the 1st amendment (which only applies to the government’s suppression of free speech, FYI)?  Yes, they do.  Do they have a right to fire him when it’s become to much & they feel the pressure from the rest of the evolved citizens in our country?  Of course.

But, the moral of the story is this: Screw these ignorant assholes.  All of them – from duck dude, to the jerk at the local Coffee Shop who whispers to the cashier that same sex marriage will be the one thing that collapses our society.  Screw them and speak up – combat crazy hate with a conversation.  It probably won’t change their opinion, but you will feel better for standing up to bigotry.

And, at the end of the day, this guy has no bearing on real life, mine or yours, so water off a duck’s back, right?


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