Not All Squashes Are The Same

Which I learned the hard way.  With my mouth.  (I know I’m setting you all up for a crummy “that’s what she said” joke.)  But seriously, these squash tasted like dirty, gross feet. I didn’t know this about these crazy spaceship squash before tonight.  Tonight was my first tangle with these things & you can gather, I’m not a fan.

spaceship squash yuck
Photo Credit: Stephanie Jackson









Like an idiot, I figured they would cook up like my other awesome crookneck, green and summer squash.  They did not.  Or perhaps they did & just taste like @$$.  Is this the norm for these crazy spaceship squash?  I have never eaten one before & I will tell you, I will never eat one again.  In fact, I have just decided that I will never eat anything that looks like a spaceship ever again.  Except and unless it is made from pure chocolate & macadamia nuts, or red velvet & cream cheese.

I got these mugs in my “box.”  <<insert “that’s what she said” joke here.>>  I had previously cancelled said box 4 days ago & now I’m glad I did so.  (Note: I cancelled “This Week’s Box” because my garden is banging.)

In any case, this is my first official “WARNING” Post!  I warn you to not get involved with these crazy outer space squash!  I really hope I didn’t accidentally plant these in the fairly good garden :-0

5 thoughts on “Not All Squashes Are The Same

  1. Haha sorry about the unfortunate incident with these. I’ve never seen this kind. Your storytelling is funny, made me smile, even during my first cup of coffee of the day, and that’s saying something 🙂

  2. I am growing an orange version of these (called Patisson Marbre Scallop)! And I have grown a white/pale green version before and they tasted exactly like regular summer squash (yummy, mild, tender). I think its a fluke, and definitely not the “norm” for this kind of squash!

    1. You know, thinking about this now … I feel like I had this coming … I had a really good run with stuff that I either a) hadn’t eaten before (i.e., kale,) or b) hadn’t eaten in a while (i.e., brussels sprouts!) It had to come to this sooner or later 🙂

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