The Fairly Good Garden ~ Update!

I’m having a blast watching my garden grow … Like Miss Mary Quite Contrary.

Garden 11 days after planting
Garden 11 days after planting

I’ve even already harvested my arugula & made my spring arugula & bacon pasta dish.  Only this time I made it with lemon pepper paparedelle pasta from Trader’s & MAN, was it the most PERFECT pasta to go with the flavors of this dish!!  Summer Pasta with Arugula & Bacon | The Fairly Good Mother

Artichoke! | The Fairly Good Mother And, I see a little bud on one of my artichoke plants!  That makes my mouth water.

We’ve already picked and eaten some of the strawberries & they were decadent!  The Boy is loving our garden.  Tristan & Loran Variety Strawberries | The Fairly Good Mother

3 thoughts on “The Fairly Good Garden ~ Update!

    1. Thank you! You can do it, too! It’s easy & even if you don’t have a spot to do an in ground bed, you can work with above ground raised beds or pots. I’ve seen plenty of inspirational ideas on Pinterest & around the web 🙂 Start off small with some herbs on your window sill & go from there.

      1. i would try it at home in Sumatra, when i come back. cant wait :D, and im so envy that you eat your own fresh food. 😀 lovely

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