GUILTY: Jodi Arias

I didn’t follow the trial of State of Arizona vs Jodi Arias as closely as I followed the trial of Casey Anthony.  The reason was simple: after Casey Anthony was found ‘not guilty’ of murdering her little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony I was sick for days weeks, bitter and baffled at how this monster could get away with murder.  The stench of injustice lingered on longer, and I lost all faith in our joke of a justice system.  I clicked off HLN and vowed to never follow a trial again.

I was pulled in … I was late to the party but immediately fascinated with the case.  Another crazy-ass, narcissist.  Another desperate, obsessed woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted & damn anyone who stood in her way.  Another piece of trash pretending to be something she isn’t: sane … and worse, a victim of domestic violence.  Didn’t buy that for a minute.

Watching the Jodi Arias trial brought back all my hatred for Casey & the idiot jurors who let her walk free. It brought back all of my feelings of sorrow for the victim, Caylee, and made me angry again for the new victim, Travis.  I was now jaded, and absolutely sure that the jury in the Jodi Arias trial would find a way to let this narcissistic lunatic slip through the cracks and find freedom.  I was convinced Jodi & Casey would be partying together somewhere, cackling all the while at how stupid we all are, and getting rich from tell-all books filled with lies that brain-dead Americans would scramble to purchase.

Looks like Jodi won’t be partying with Casey anytime soon.  GOOD!   Hooray for justice – thank you for not destroying my faith, people!  You know, Jodi’s big mistake here was trying to look like this mousey, dowdy, homely victim.  Her new brown-cow-with-wispy-bangs look made her come off like one of those crazy moms who drowns her kids in the bathtub.  Jodi should have taken a cue from Casey & played up her prettiness.

If only I could turn back the hands of time and find a way to be on the Casey Anthony jury.  She would hang.  I still hope for her sake she never crosses my path.

Now for Jodi’s sentencing.  Here’s the thing, although I believe in the death penalty, I think that it would be far more torturous for Jodi to be locked in prison for the rest of her days, unable to profit off of any lies that she was planning on turning into a New York Times Bestseller.  Truth is, she’s not really a danger to society.  She’s a danger to people like my younger brother, (he has a terrible habit of dating insane women disguised in lip-liner and hair dye.)

It will be interesting to find out what lies ahead for Jodi.  Thankfully, now I can resume my court watching!  Hats off to the jurors in the case 🙂

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