Boston Terror Attack … NO MORE HURTING PEOPLE

Terrorism: /ˈterəˌrizəm/ noun – The use of terror & violence as a means of coercion, especially for political purposes.


I hate terrorism.  Any good and decent human being also hates terrorism.  Yesterday, I was sad, so sad for the victims & their families. Not because I know any of them personally, but because I am an American citizen and I take a vicious terror attack on our soil personally.

All at once, I felt the way I felt on the morning of 9/11/2001: stricken with sorrow and distressed about the safety of friends who lived in the area near the bombings.  I parked the car, and listened to the breaking news on the lowest volume because I didn’t want The Boy to hear the tragic accounts of what had occurred.  I didn’t let him see me cry.  I wiped the tears from my eyes and got out of the car, took him out of his car seat and hugged him so tight.  I never wanted to let go of him.

It’s so scary to think that you cannot control the violent tendencies of another (sorry excuse for a) human being.  It’s beyond frightening to think your perfect life can be forever changed in an instant by some monstrous waste of flesh.

Yesterday I was sad.  Today I’m pissed.  What cowardly son of a bitch hates life so much that he/she/they could create such destruction and mayhem?  Take responsibility for it – at the very least, tell us WHY you perpetrated such a horrible act.  Why did you kill innocent citizens, including 8-year old child Martin Richard?  Why did you maim hundreds of people, blowing off limbs and forever changing their lives?  Why? What is your “political purpose?” And how does this move you toward whatever goal you have in mind?

Truthfully, the reason won’t matter.  There is no reason that I will accept as a decent explanation.  It will never make any sense to the rational, normal, kind & loving person.  And we won’t be able to eradicate this type of sick, blackened heart negativity from our world. We just won’t.  We can’t.  My message to those who hate America – don’t come here & if you’re here, then leave. There are plenty of other places in the world for you to go & live your life.  Maybe you’d be happier somewhere else.  But please, leave us alone.  No more hurting people.


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