Getting Somewhere … I Hope!

You might remember from my post about being the Squeaky Wheel that I’m currently embroiled in a battle with LAUSD to get The Boy the support he needs in his preschool classroom.  Sadly, it seems as though only when I pull the bitch card & start to make threats, that’s when they begin to perk up and listen.

Let me just say that if the school district were a private sector business, they’d be out of business by now.  It took me 4 emails, (the last one threatening “due process”) to actually get this lady to respond to me.  When she did respond, she copied someone on the email, apparently the ONLY person who actually CAN help us.

Finally, I feel like I’ve gotten to the right person, but the question remains: how come it took me 12 emails, 6 phone calls, two threats & 5 months to get their attention & finally get to the ONLY person who seems to care!?!?  That’s totally unacceptable to me.  Upon further investigation, I found that I actually DO have a legal case against the school district because they failed to do something that was outlined in our IEP. But guess what?  Due process can cost up to $29,ooo.  Guess what else?  We don’t have that kind of money.

I looked into hiring an advocate, (basically someone who can guide me through the process,) $350- for a 1-hour consultation, (to just sit down and discuss the situation.)  Then a $900 retainer and we’d be billed at $150/hr against the retainer. Um, WOW.

So they get one last chance to rectify the situation.  The only reason I’m giving them one last chance is because the woman who can help seems like she genuinely cares & immediately took control of the situation.  If I cannot get this resolved with her by the end of this school year, well then I guess it looks like we’re going to have to plunk down $350 to talk to an advocate.  Sigh.  Wish me luck!!

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