Nap Roulette!

sleeping kitties!
sleeping kitties!

Today I’m surrounded by grumpy Aspies.  The Husband is a grumpster, working away on a re-write here in his home office … GOD FORBID I interrupt him to ask him if he wants some damn coffee.  The Boy I had to roust from a (rare) nap & he is all pissy, so I made some coffee and put a dash of Bailey’s in there – heehee.

Naps are few and far between these days … And I have a love hate relationship with them.  I had planned on having The Boy nap well until he left for college.  When he naps, I get some much needed “me time” to do things like, blog or bake or read or take a shower.  When he naps, The Boy is much nicer in the evenings, but bed time is a little later & wake-up time is a lot earlier.  I never can tell when he will actually nap.  My crystal ball is broken.

Every day after lunch we read a book & get him nestled down for some quiet time.  If by 1:30 he is not asleep, I let him get up and we continue our day.  Some days, we have plans in the afternoon or we’re out and about, on those days, obviously we skip the nap.

sage advice
sage advice

Today he had a busy morning at preschool & I had gone to a pilates class, so I was hoping for him to nap in order to take a shower.  Low and behold, the stars aligned & he quieted down right around the time I was going to give up and open his door.  I generally do not let him nap past 3 or 3:30, otherwise, he’ll be up all night!  Talk about trying to poke a bear.  I just got a glimpse into the teenage years:

Incoherent, sleepy grumbling.  Then, “nooooo, mama, no!!!  I’m sleeeeeeeepinnnng!!!”  He whined, pulled the covers over his head, and when I tip-toed away, he abruptly got out of bed, shut off the light & slammed his door, followed by more incoherent whining.

So here I am, considering whether or not to embark upon one of my Bake-It List goodies or start prepping dinner early.  Hmm.  Decisions.

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