How It All Began …

This blog has been birthed out of my need to connect with other moms to let them know that no one is perfect & that’s ok. Your child doesn’t need you to be perfect, they just need you to be there. God knows, I’m not perfect, but I try my best.  And when I come up short, that mommy guilt creeps up and makes me feel lousy.  Some days are great days, when I’m thinking “man, I really hope that someone’s getting this amazing mothering stuff I’m doing down on video.” And there are other days when I am thinking “man, I hope no one can hear me or see me right now as I’m totally losing it.”  Being a mom is easy.  Being a good mom is not easy.  Let’s face it, anyone can get pregnant & pop out a kid, but raising a child takes a lot of work, and no one really has the secret formula for doing it right all the time.

I’m lucky that I get to stay at home with my 3 year old son. It was down to the wire, and literally 2 days before I gave birth, my husband got a great job that allowed me to not have to return to mine after my maternity leave was done. Being a stay-at-home-mom is tough work, but it’s a personal decision.  I don’t begrudge any of my mommy friends who made the decision to work. Hell, I was raised by a single working mom. I know for a lot of women, like my mother, it isn’t a choice, but a necessity. At the end of the day, we’re all mothers & we should all be able to lean on one another for understanding and support.

So here I am. And I love it. Every moment … from the out-of-nowhere “i love you mama,” moments, to the isolating moments where I’m excited just to talk to another adult, like the UPS guy or the check-out lady … I even love the pooping in big-boy undies moments, (ok, no, I’m lying, I don’t really love those poopy undies moments.)  But here I am, and I hope that by sharing some of my little tidbits with you, you can relate a little.  And maybe, just maybe, I can help you on your journey to being a fairly good mother, too.

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